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Nilfisk – ‘Is it worth getting my old one repaired?’

This is a very common question we get asked here. Well considering that Nilfisk haveĀ a track record of over a 100 years since their first vacuum cleaners were invented and went on the market, and the fact that they’re still going strong, they certainly have major credit in the industry.

Nilfisk 70

Throughout the years (covering two centuries at this stage even!) they have kept up their extremely high standard. They are almost legendary in the biz, and rightly so.

But are they the ‘best’ vacuum cleaner out there and worth getting repaired? In a word ‘YES!’.

So whether your particular Nilfisk (whatever model) is a few decades old, its still worth getting repaired in the majority of cases. Its certainly worth getting an estimate on it at least.

How Do Estimates Work?

An estimate on a Nilfisk (or any Vac) will cost a 20 Euro deposit charge – but this comes off any repair costs or the price of a new vacuum cleaner if your old one is not worth fixing.

So its certainly worth your while to check out your old Nilfisk – it may not have given up the game yet and probably hasn’t. These Cleaners are rock solid.

So call us on 01-8570221 if you have a sick Nilfisk and need advice, or fill in the form below to get in touch with us.

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