Appliance Repair Mobhi Rd Dublin – 01-8570221

Appliance Repair Mobhi Rd Dublin – 01-8570221

In these recession days its more popular than ever to get your appliances repaired. An appliance repair has become par for the course. No more ‘ah just throw it away and we’ll get a new one’.

Everyone is on a budget it would seem and understandably so.

So yes we will carry out appliance repairs on the following: Vacuum Cleaners  -Hoovers  /  Washing-Machines  /  Tumble-Dryers  / Garden Tools / Garden Mowers – Petrol Electric  /  Small Appliances, Hair Dryers etc

We also carry a wide range of spare parts for many of the above appliances including:

Hoover Bags  /  Belts  /  Door Seals  / Pumps  /  Motors  /  Electrical Household Goods

If we don’t have it already we also provide a ‘special order service’

Official Agents Ireland

Glasnevin are the Irish official agents for various products and companies including:

Flymo – Kenwood – Electrolux – Magimix – Nilfisk – Zanussi – Kãrcher

So yes if you have any appliance repair queries do get in touch with us:

Please telephone us if you have any further enquiries on any appliance repairs or spare parts at 01-8570221, or contact us through the e-mail form below .

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